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June 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

I am totally one of those people who loves motivational posters.  They don’t have to be big.  They don’t have to be well known.  And I totally plan to wallpaper my classroom with motivators that will hopefully encourage my students to learn and be kind to each other and be kind to themselves.  I went to Big Huge Labs, and there is lots of stuff you can do there.  You can make trading cards, jigsaw puzzles, billboards, mosaics, the list is pretty long.  So here is a motivational poster I made using on Big Huge Labs.

motivation posted


Just a quick post…I was reading one of my new favorite blogs (te@chthought) just now and came across this awesome post full of tips for teaching with apps.  Aptly named 25 Tips for Teaching With Apps, this post has some great advice for responsibly and appropriately incorporating apps and their associated lessons into the learning space.

All really sound advice, but that wasn’t the coolest part.  There was this link in the post to this site called Edshelf.  Edshelf is like this clearing house (they call themselves a discovery engine) for all these really potentially cool apps and websites for education. This is TOTALLY the sort of thing us new teachers-to-be need to help us sift through what is good stuff and what isn’t.  I mean, check this out:


It works a little like Pinterest.  You can make collections by dragging and dropping icons into little boards.  You can make notes.  You can comment/rate apps.  You can see what other educators have had to say about apps.  I’m totally geeking out here!  Anyway, if you haven’t found this already – definitely check it out.  It’s free to create an account.  Edshelf.  It’s kinda awesome.

Being asked to pick one great blog from a list of great blogs was an incredibly difficult request to fulfill.  I found myself reading and reading through A LOT of blogs before settling with with one.  (Sort of – I did read a few others, but baby steps.)  I finally spent a chunk of time on the TeachThought blog.

I found this blog appealing for many reasons, the least of which is the appearance.  After living in the web world organizing, laying out and managing site content, this is a big deal to me.  There is nothing worse than badly designed navigation and poorly organized content.  (And no, that is not redundant – I promise!)  And while the site has a fair amount of advertising on board, it is not obtrusive. Continue Reading…