Wife, mom, book worm, knitting aficionado, and career changer, I have long felt a passion for learning, and for helping others to learn.  Now my time has come and I am finally able to take concrete steps toward making education (in all directions) my career, as well as a passion.

As my tag line says, I am learning to teach, but my goal is to learn from my students.  I have found that I learn something new almost every time I interact with kids.  Ultimately, they are the ones in contact with everything shiny and new.

So, it’s time to keep track of this journey to true life long education.  Let’s roll!

“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I learn.  Involve me and I remember.”  ~Benjamin Franklin


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    Hi Alicia, I saw your article regarding edshelf. I’ve recently launched a project of my own – “What the FisX’ (www.wtfisx.com) – an SNL-style sketch comedy show teaching intro high school physics. I’m looking to kickstart a student competition where they submit their own edutainment videos for cash prizes. Do you have much knowledge in promoting educational kickstarters? There’s no actual category for education on kickstarter…. yet indiegogo simply isn’t as big as kickstart. Any guidance/suggestions would be great


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