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This time last year I fell in love with blogging and tweeting and even started a successful guerilla social media campaign to save a wonderful education website – edshelf. I blogged to complete assignments and I blogged because I wanted to. I even posted other classwork on my blog. And then I fell off the face of WordPress and Twitter.

Why the long hiatus? Well…grad school. I was enrolled in a yearlong M.Ed. program at Marymount University. I knew the program was going to be intense. I just didn’t know how intense. You could ask me what I did last year, but I don’t know that I will even be able to tell you! The pace was so frenetic that I just put myself on autopilot and hoped for the best.

The best happened! I graduated (with honors!) and I am now going to be teaching 6th grade at a fabulous elementary school in my community. I am so excited to be part of the Terraset community that I could almost do cartwheels – if I wasn’t afraid of breaking my leg!

Now that I have graduated, become employed, and allowed myself to recover from the last year, I am finally getting back into the ether. How I have missed this world! There is so much to be gained from being active in the ed space on the World Wide Web! And there is so much to give too.

Now that I’m back I’ll be tweeting a lot under #rookieTEStiger.  It shouldn’t be surprising that I have big tech plans for my students. I plan to incorporate blogging into my lessons because writing for the electronic audience is a skill today’s students needs. I hope to have a class Twitter account to use as a platform for teaching my kids digital citizenship AND sharing our fabulous work. I’ll be flipping lessons and helping my students better navigate this electronic world to which they were born. So be on the lookout! I see big things ahead for me and my students!

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