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Childish Things

August 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

booksClasses have already ramped back up and are absolutely insane in pace. I love it, but it has definitely taken me away from exploring new edu-things and writing. I had a few free moments this morning and remembered that I had bookmarked something that I really wanted to write about “at some point”. (I may never get through THAT list!)

One of the early assignments in my ED554 class this past summer was to some edu-blogs (and then report on them). You may have already read about some of my adventures in that exercise, including how hard it was to pick just one blog, how I found edshelf, and then later my journey to help save edshelf. Two of those were required posts, the other a heartfelt plea.

At any rate, during that blog research, I stumbled upon a blog called the Intrepid Teacher. Jabiz Raisdana has an engaging blog and his writing style really appeals to me. I suspect that it is in part because his philosophy on education has so many points that mirror my own, and that in that philosophy he claims himself to be an “avid reader”. Continue Reading…


Edshelf Kickstarter

I have heard about the magical power of the tweet and of social media in general, but I generally poo-pooed the idea. Sure, I have seen those pictures of kids on Facebook with their signs about being dared to see how many likes they can get for their social media project. Yes, I know some people are super connected and live their lives in the world of social media. I just never thought I would be involved in something akin to social media wildfire.

It all started with a class assignment to review some blogs. Through a blog I was reading, I found edshelf. I fell instantly and madly in love with edshelf, and immediately signed up and started making collections. (You can follow me if you like.)

So what is edshelf (besides awesome!)? If you ask Mike Lee, the co-founder of edshelf, he will tell you it is two years of blood, sweat, and tears. If you look on the edshelf website, it will tell you it is a “directory of websites, mobile apps, and desktop programs that are rated & reviewed by parents & educators, for parents & educators.” If you ask me, it is a lifeline in a sea of edtech. Continue Reading…